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HSM StoreEx
Digital Data Media Shredder

Be careful when disposing of digital storage media:

data can be stolen!

StoreEx HDS 150_H-3 security cut.jpg

Why should you destroy hard drives?

  • 100% complete data destruction in order to protect sensitive information such as sales figures or customer data

  • Responsibility to your customer

  • Legal responsibility for data leakage

  • Traditional formatting cannot completely and effectively remove confidential information

  • It is very easy to restore and restore confidential data

StoreEx HDS 150_trad.jpg

Still using the traditional method to destroy data?

  • Physical knocking and damage cannot completely destroy data

  • The data in the hard disk can be restored, and the processing efficiency is low

The solution is: mechanical destruction.


HSM produces the HSM StoreEx digital data media shredders in Germany.

StoreEx HDS 230.jpg

StoreEx Digital Data Media Shredder
HSM StoreEx HDS 230

StoreEx HDS 150.jpg

StoreEx Digital Data Media Shredder
HSM StoreEx HDS 150

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