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StoreEx Digital Data Media Shredder > StoreEx HDS 150 - 40 mm
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StoreEx Digital Data Media Shredder

StoreEx HDS 230

  • The HSM StoreEx HDS 150 digital data media shredder destroys digitial media devices in a safe and economical way – and is data protection compliant as well.

StoreEx HDS 150_H-3 security cut.jpg

Why should you destroy hard drives?

  • 100% complete data destruction in order to protect sensitive information such as sales figures or customer data

  • Responsibility to your customer

  • Legal responsibility for data leakage

  • Traditional formatting cannot completely and effectively remove confidential information

  • It is very easy to restore and restore confidential data

  • Suitable for office environment

  • Easy to operate

  • European H-3 confidentiality standard

  • Can shred hard drives, USB fingers, memory cards, SD cards, CD/DVD and Blu-ray discs, credit and customer cards, tapes, etc.

  • Made in Germany, sturdy and durable

with removable waste container

with discharge conveyor belt

The induction-hardened, solid steel cutting rollers are robust and ensure a high level of durability!

A conventional 3.5 inch hard disk is cut into at least three parts. The security level is thus many times higher than with conventional methods.

StoreEx HDS 230_tray.jpg

The waste container can be easily removed and emptied.

StoreEx HDS 230_Step1.jpg

The large LED display enables the continuous input of media at a comfortable working height

The selection of the correct functional mode will always ensure the maximum throughput for the respective material type.

The automatic reverse function in the shredder eliminates material jams and ensures your shredding operations run smoothly.

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