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Air Purifier


Technologically advanced air purifier with DuPont filtration reduces pollutants in your personal space and improves your home air quality.
The sleek design and compact style are ideal for any small space.

  • 1,2 Turbo!

From quiet speed to Turbo cleaning mode, the Z-1000 has been carefully optimised to deliver cleaner air.

  • Simple Touch Controls

No clunky knobs or buttons to push.
Adjust settings with a simple touch.
Capacitive Touch Control display is
not only easy to use, it's easy to keep
clean as well.

  • PureDirect Technology

PureDirect™ proprietary technology splits clean air into two streams. It delivers purified air comfortably and efficiently throughout the room.


  • 360 Degree Filtration

The filter draws in air from every direction, collecting pollutants from around the room. UV sterilization mode and separate Carbon and HEPA filter replacement indicators, this little superhero does the job.


Room Coverage (Air changed 2 times per hour):250 sq ft / 23 sq m

Purification Levels:Carbon Prefilter, HEPA Type, UV

Fan Speed Settings:3 (1,2, Turbo)

Machine Dimensions (mm): 195 x 195 x 451 mm

Power Consumption (Watts):220v 60 Hz, 40W

Noise Level:39 - 65 dB

Machine Weight (KG):3.4KG

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