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Automatic Stapling Machine

USM Series

  • Precise adjustment of the booklet thickness

  • Active staple bender

  • Capable of stapling printed matter up to 25mm thick

  • For flat and loop staples


Model:USM 140 、USM 240、USM 360

Stapling heads:

USM 140:1-2;

USM 240:1-4;

USM 360:1-6

Distance between stapling heads:

USM 140:40-140mm;

USM 240:40-240mm;

USM 360:40-360mm

Flat stapling:2 - 250 sheets (25 mm,80g paper)

Saddle stapling:yes

Staples:K24 (6-22), K50 (20-27),KRi 24 (6-8)K24 (6-22)

Controler:electronic, footswitch


USM 140:no;

USM 240:BMK 1800*;

USM 360: no

Working height:880 mm

Machine dimensions(H/W/D):1500 / 620 / 800 mm


USM 140:83kg;

USM 240:105kg;

USM 360:140kg

Power supply:230V / 50Hz

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