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Flatbed Cutting Machine

Ultra V

Ultra series is Valiani’s entry level cutter proposal for the packaging sector. Ultra is able to satisfy all production needs thanks to a wide range of tools and accessories. Consisten quality over time makes it the first choice for all those companies that want a cutting machine with a low investment.


Ultra Series with multiple optional cutting tools, as well creasing and debossing tool, is ideally suited to cut a wide range of materials. Our proven mechanical design and easy to use software ensure a quick solution to time consuming tasks.

  • Vacuum Table

The Ultra Series is equipped with a vacuum worktable, which offers higher reliability to hold the materials during the cutting process.

  • Applications:

Die-Cutting of Digital & Offset Prints, Box and Packaging Production, POP/POS Display, Street and Business Signage, Offset Varnishing Plates, Architectural and plastic models, Decals and stickers, Cardboard Honeycomb Furnitur.


Model:UltraV 150,UltraV 120

Working Area:

UltraV 150:1500 x 1000 mm;

UltraV 120:1200mm x 800mm

Max Speed:365 mm/sec


Air Requirement:6 Bar/90 PSI

Power Requirement:220V/50Hz/10A

Cutting Capability:5 mm


UltraV 150:2010 x 1400 x 850 mm;

UltraV 120:1710 x 1200 x 850 mm


UltraV 150:185kg;

UltraV 120:170kg

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