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Desktop 3D Printer

Style Plus - A15CR

It is specially developed for offices, schools, and home users. It is hoped that the process of printing the model will be as automated, high-performance and easy to operate as possible


Full Auto Leveling Plus

Full Auto Leveling Plus of CUBICON, makes output precise within 10μm 

The Specially Coated Heating Bed

The bed does not need additional tools  and makes sure the output is easily detached from the bed without damage

Filament Auto Loading device

Auto-loading device can feed filament automatically and a opticalflow sensor  informs when the filament runs out.

Replaceable Extruder & Nozzle

It is easy to maintain with the replaceable extruder and exchangeable nozzles

StainlessNozzle Kit

With the proprietary StainlessNozzle Kit, it reinforces durability and reduce troubles

3 layered Clean Filter

With a 3 layered filter, it removes harmful gas, dust, and smell generated in printing

Greater 5” Touch Screen

5” Full-color touch screen

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