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All-in-one Desktop Robot Arm

Rotrics DexArm

for laser engraving, 3d printing, and more!

  • All-in-one desktop robot arm for laser engraving, 3d printing and more!

    • With the pen holder module, Rotrics can write a beautiful hand-writing letter and draw an artistic picture.

    • Rotrics can be easily transformed into a laser engraver with the laser engraving module. It is capable of engraving on wood, leather, paper, and other materials. 

    • With Rotrics 's high precision, you can print a 3D object with the 3D printing module. The build volume of Rotrics is bigger than 220x220x250mm so you can print some big model at once. 

    • Picking and placing objects can be easily performed with the help of a suction cup and soft gripper.  Perfect for lightweight industrial applications.

  • 0.05mm High Precisiom

The decelerator is the core of a robotic arm, our patented decelerator design reduces the gap between gears, allowing 0.05mm extremely high repeatability. Empower the capacity for high precision laser engraving, 3d printing even lightweight industrial applications.

  • Program Coding

With the multi-function button on the base or the touchscreen, you can drag the arm and record the movements and make Rotrics repeat the movements.

  • Change Modules in One Click

We hate handling screws and cables when using an intelligent product. That's why we creatively pack every function into a module to remove the unwanted screws on the end effector. Switch out modules in just one click!

  • 3.5´Colorful Touchscreen

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