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POD Automatic Roll Laminator


  • Exchangeable/Commonized PCB

  • Automatic feeding paper gap control

  • Air compressor (with light weight & lower noise) is placed inside the body

  • Strengthened laminating pressure for more stepped-up bonding power effecting perfect quality of output

  • Ergonomic touch screen for enhancing operatorcentric convenient control & quality productivity

  • Cantilever type film shaft for easy film loading


Dimension (W*L*H, mm): 720*1700*1350mm

Laminating speed: 1.5m/min ~ 10m/min

Paper size (W*L, mm): Max: 380*500mm (option: 1200mm);Min : 180*210mm

Laminating films:

Single Side: POLYNEX (20~43mic),PERFEX(25mic), NYLONEX(27~44mic)MICRONEX (6~10mic) : Gloss, Matt, Hologram

Sleeking: Gloss, Matt, Hologram, Metallic

Substrate thickness: 120 ~ 350g/㎡

Front roller diameter:

Top: high glossy chrome ∅100,

Bottom: silicon ∅80

Rear roller diamete: rsilicon ∅55

Power requirement: AC 220~240V, 50/60Hz, 12A

Power consumption: 2.8kw

Warm-up time: 5 min.

Heating system: INFRARED HEATER

Laminating temp. : 150℃ Max.

Temp. control: Capacitive Touch Screen

Speed control: Capacitive Touch Screen

Display system: LCD Panel

Roller pressure: Pneumatic Cylinder

Film core size: 77mm (3”) / Dual - 58mm, 50mm

 Air Compressor: 1 HP, 89L/min

Temp. Sensing method: Thermo-couple inserted in the roller shell

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