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POD Automatic Roll Laminator

Podmaster-IDH 54 Quatro-Slit

High speed and fully automatic laminating equipment for both photo embossing and high-glossy laminating.

  • All the devices to operate positioned on the front section (operating side) for convenient operation and all easy adjustment ;

  • Pile-up of papers, installing film rolls, web threading, laminating, Photo embossing, Decurling, Cutting, Pressure control of each roller, Film tension control, Film position adjustment, Swivel-mount control panel.

  • In order to be in line with paper position, lateral alignment of film position can be done.

  • More sized-up display screen makes visibility and operationalization more superior

  • By stream feeder being installed & super-high pressure cylinder being used, large volume of output comes out at high speed.

  • PODMASTER-IDH80 series: Jogging table included.


Dimension(W*L*H, mm): 914*2075*1310mm

Max. Laminating Speed: 30m/mins

Max. Paper Size: 540mmx750mm

Substrate weight: 120 ~ 350g/:㎡

Front roller diameter: T: 163mm / B:150mm

Rear roller diameter: 80

Power requirement: 380-400V, 3N, 50/60Hz

Power consumption: 12KW

Warm-up time (min.): 10 

Heating system: INFRARED HEATER

Laminating temp. (℃): 150℃ Max.

Temp. Control: Keyboard

Speed control: Touch-screen

Film core: 77mm (3”)

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