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Laser Fume Extractor


Designed for Laser Cutter & Engraver

  • Air Purification, dust collection and fume filtration for different industry, suitable for single workstation;

  • This range including Air flow is from 300m3/h to 24000m3/h, blower capacity is from 200W to 2.2KW;

  • 4 layers filtration to ensure filtrate harmful material of the fumes completely, to achieve room air quality standard, protect environment and people's health, It included below 4 layer filters to make sure the high air purficiation performance:

    • 1st layer is G3 Primary filter for remove big and heavy particles/smoke/dust(>=5Micron)

    • 2nd layer is F8 medium efficiency bag filter for remove big particles/smoke/dust(>=1Mircron).

    • 3rd layer is H13 class HEPA filter to remove small particles (>=0.01Mircron) and smoke.

    • 4th layer is Activated carbon filter to adsorb smells and toxic gas.

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