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3D Printer


Full Auto Leveling Calibration | 3 Layered Clean Filter | Stable and Durable Operation

The Cubicon Optimus-C23Z is an ideal printer for large 3D models that require expert precision printing. A semi-enclosed desktop FFF 3D printer that offers a pretty large build volume of 230 x 210 x 300 mm, comes with a dual z-axis and is easy to use.

C23Z-Easy maintenance.jpg

Easy maintenance with self-replaceable nozzle and extruder

The Cubicon Optimus-C23Z features a self-replaceable nozzle and extruder that is easily attached and detached. Easy at-home maintenance will save you extra time and money, getting your projects done faster.

C23Z-auto leveling.jpg

Full Auto Leveling Calibration

Full auto-leveling calibration ensuring the nozzle is the correct distance away from the build plate. The Cubicon Optimus-C23Z delivers auto-leveling with error precision within 10μm, providing users with extremely accurate and high-quality prints.

C23Z-Dual Z Axis Bed Structure.jpg

Dual Z Axis Bed Structure

makes your Optimus-C23Z more stable and improve the printing accuracy, which reduces the layer ripple caused by single Z Axis vibration

C23Z- coated build plate.jpg

The specially coated build plate

The build plate of the Cubicon Optimus-C23Z is specially coated for strong filament adhesion at the start of your printing process without any additional adhesives. When the build plate cools down, the finished print can be easily removed from the build plate. Thermal efficiency has also been improved by the application of insulation to the bottom of the heating bed.

C23Z- Triple air filtration.jpg

Triple air filtration for a safer printing environment

The Cubicon certified triple air filter (Hepa·Carbon·Purafil Catalyst Filter), is able to efficiently block dust, gas, and odours generated when using FDM type 3D printers. The filtration system helps to eliminate micro dust, toxic gases and unwanted odours during the printing process.

C23Z- Stainless steel nozzle kit.jpg

Stainless steel nozzle kit

The stainless steel nozzle kit patented by Cubicon has enhanced usability and minimised the probability of print failure. Different from a typical nozzle kit with a tube attached, it is connected with a stainless steel pipe to provide excellent performance even in hot output materials.

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