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Twin Head Digital Cutting Machine

Optima V

Optima series is a digital cutting machine, designed for the printing and packaging industry with the aim to manage complex die cutting processes. It is available in different sizes, with a wide range of tools and accessories. Additional software is available, and you’ll no longer need to outsource your projects.

  • a wide range of materials and cut up to 20mm (¾”) in thickness

  • high precision

  • the ideal solution for short/medium runs of die cutting, prototyping, furnishings creation, textile/cardboard patterns cut and much more.

  • Applications:

  • Die-Cutting of Digital & Offset Prints, Box and Packaging Production, POP/POS Display, Street and Business Signage, Offset Varnishing Plates, Architectural and plastic models, Decals and stickers, Cardboard Honeycomb Furniture.


Model:Optima V80、Optima V160、Optima V250

Cutting area:

Optima V80:1230 x 800 mm;

Optima V160:1230 x 1600 mm;

Optima V250:1230 x 2520 mm


Optima V80:1830 x 1430 x 1200 mm;

Optima V160:1830 x 2230 x 1200 mm;

Optima V250:1830 x 3010 x 1200 mm


Optima V80:145kg;

Optima V160:190kg;

Optima V250:290kg

Max speed:500mm (20”) /sec 

Acceleration:1 m/s
Power requirements:Single Phase 220V/50Hz/10A.

Air requirements:8 Bar/115 PSI

Connectivity:USB 2.0
Data Buffer:External PC
File Formats:SVG and .PLT
Tool change:Manual
No. Tools:2 slots
Cutting capacity:20mm (3/4”) (with oscillating tool head)  

Locking system:Pneumatic clamp and air suction

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