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Flatbed Spot UV Printer


The GCC JV-240UV varnish machine provides clear and shiny print finishing and tactile sensation to printed images which upgrade the design to a premium look and increase perceived value. The UV coating produced by GCC JV-240UV turns each of your printed product become a masterpiece.


Unbeatable Throughput

JV-240UV print speed is higher than 5 square meters per hour for 4 print heads model suggesting high profitaibility for the business.


Auto Media Calibration (AMC™)

Auto Media Calibration (AMC™) gauges the distance between the print heads so the loaded media can be automatically detected and adjusted to the optimized position based on the thickness of the loaded media.

Dual UV LED Lamps

GCC JV-240UV flatbed varnish printer equipped with dual UV LED lamps to reach high throughput, energy saving and environment protection goals. 

CCD Module

CCD module with automated image scale and rotate compensation allows spot varnishing to designated area.

Printhead Gap Auto-Adjustment

Printhead Gap Auto- Adjustment lowers the platform automatically when detecting obstacles that block the movement of printhead before printing to avoid printhead damages.

Built-in Down Vacuum Table

Hold the sheet media flat onto the working area by vacuum force to achieve optimized printing quality.

Accept B3 Size Media

Up to B3 plus size work area (24 x 15 in./609 x 380 mm) accepts a wide range of sheet format and allows various applications.


Printing Method: On-demand Piezo head

Print Head (Drop Size): UV printing dedicated printhead, 14pl

Printing Area (W x L): 609.6 x 380 mm (24 x 15 in.)

Max. Media Size:
(W x L x H)Size: 609.6 x 380 x 170 mm (24 x 15 x 6.7 in.)

Weight: Less than 15 kg

Media Height: AdjustmentAMC™

Mark Detection: CCD module for automatic positioning

Max. Print Speed: 45 B3 sheets/hr

Varnish Thickness: 0.52 mm (with base printing)

Print Accuracy: +/- 0.4 mm


Type: UV curable ink

Capacity: 1 liter

Ink Curing Unit: Dual UV LED lamps

Distance Accuracy – When printing: Error of less than +/-0.3% of distance traveled, or+-0.3mm (0.01 inch), whichever is greater

Z axis Movement: Motorized

Control Panel: Touch Screen

Interface: Ethernet 1000BASE-T

Operating Environment (Temperature/Humidity):

22°C -30°C (71.6°F- 86°F) / (40%-60% humidity), higher is recommended

Operating Voltage: 110 - 240VAC,  50/60HZ

Power Consumption-Operating: 115V AC (60HZ) (Max. 270W), 220V AC (50HZ) (Max. 260W)

Power Consumption-Stand by: 115V AC (60HZ) (Max. 160W ), 220V AC (50HZ) (Max. 200W )

Dimension (WxLxH)

Printer: 1760 x 1160 x 1140 mm (69.3 x 45.7 x 44.9 in.)

Shipping: 2000 x 1300 x 1360 mm (78.7 x 51.2 x 53.5 in.)


Printer: 272 Kg

Shipping: 433 Kg

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