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Paper Cutting Guillotine



IR light barrier and other safety functions

User-friendly, fully programmable touch screen with 100 programs/100 steps

Very high precision, accuracy below 0.1mm

Easy setting via touch-screen


Cutting width:520mm

Cutting depth:Program:520mm;Manual crank:530mm

Cutting height:80mm

Blade drive:Mechanical

Clamp drive:Mechanical (electronically adjustable) 

Backgauge:Fully programmable via touch screen with accuracy 0, 1 mm

Foot clamp:-

Program module:100 programs /100 steps in each, touch screen mm or inch, paper EJECT function, programming via cutting, business card cutting mode 

Smallest cut /false clamp:25/40 mm

Side tables:Optiona:leach O3( 50 x 400 mm) 

Safety:IR safety curtain on the front table, safety cover on the rear table, main switch, electronically controlled true two-hand operation, automatic blade and clamp return from every position 

Net weight:310 kg

Power supply:230V/50 H,2W

Dimensions without side tables length x depth x height) :880 X 1260 X 1260mm

Dimensions with side tables (length x depth x height) :1580 X 1260 X 1260mm

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