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Flatbed Cutting Plotter


The Vulcan FC-500VC flatbed cutting plotter is ideal for light to medium production and design samples.

Ideally suited for packaging boxes, tags, cards and labels.

Camera system, User friendly touch screen, Advanced contour cutting, Network interface, U-Disk function and QRcode system, make the FC-500VC special.

Perforation cut, Die cut, Kiss cut and Creasing, make your ideas come true.


Camera System

FC-5000VC uses a high resolution camera for accurate detection of registration marks (as small as 5 mm) and can see reg marks on both colored and transparent materials.

The ability to scan four reg marks within less than 3 seconds saves production time and reduces costs even further.

Touch panel.jpg

User friendly touch screen

- Easy toggle of vacuum suction: ON - fast/stable hold, OFF - easy replacement of next item

- Easy toggle of arrow key speeds for carriage control: Fast (x10) / Slow (x1)

Single key press to set origin or return to origin - guarantees accurate positioning.

Re-cut button to instantly repeat last job.

Advanced contour cutting.jpg

Advanced contour cutting

FC-500VC efficiently handles materials loaded on a slant and also compensates

for size/shape distortions. Precise and accurate cuts are assured with our proprietary four mark high-tech detection algorithm.


Network interface

A, Stable communications over long distances

B, Control one flatbed cutting plotter from multiple computers

C, Control different flatbed cutting plotters from one computer


U-Disk function

PLT-files saved on USB thumb drives (U-disk) can be used for direct output. This means that the FC-500VC can be used without being connected to a computer.

MakerSpace QR code.png

QRcode system

FC-500VC reads QR-codes on the printed media,

allowing automatic matching of print and cut files.

This both speeds production and eliminates any

chance of mismatched files.

Compatible OS.jpg

Supports both Windows and Mac

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