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Large Format Graphic Roll Laminator

Excelam Q1670RS

  • Easy to use for external rewinder tension control

  • Applied dual core adaptor for film roll and stronger unwinder shaft

  • Enhanced clutch function and easy to use for outer pressure tension knob

  • Hot and cold lamination

  • Speed and temperature control

  • Automatic power shut-off and stand-by system

  • Top and bottom independent temperature control

  • Back Trimmer for easy web separation


Laminating Speed: 3m/min

Laminating Width: 685mm

Laminating Films: 25mic~250mic

Substrate weight: 80g/㎡~350g/㎡

Max. Mounting Thickness: 5mm

Front Roller Diameter: 55mm

Rear Roller Diameter: 40mm

Power Requirements: AC 220V-240V, 50/60Hz

Power Consumption: 2000W, 8.3

Warm Up Time: 8 minutes

Heating System: Hot Roller Internal Infrared Heater

Operating Temperature: 150℃ Max.

Speed Control: Key Pad

Temperature Control: Key Pad

Pressure Adjustment: Manual

Film Core: 19-25WH

Cooling System: Blower

Dimensions(WXLXH): 930x450x437mm / (1,172mm)

Type of Main Motor: DC W-Geared Motor / 36V80

Type of Rewinder Motor: Link to Main Motor

Stand: X/O

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