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Desktop Laser Engraver


E200 is GCC latest LaserPro professional-grade laser engraving machined, containing advanced functions with user-friendly design and excellent artwork presented.
E200 provides an easy operating workflow and is able to complete different processing procedures quickly. Most importantly, E200 contains various advanced functions with stable quality, and excellent safety features.

Multifunction User Interface.jpg

Multifunction User Interface

-Multifunction user interface for both beginners and advance users.

Unmatchable Output Quality.jpg

Unmatchable Output Quality

GCC E200 takes your engraving and cutting to a level beyond other desktop laser engraver.


High Throughput for Unlimited Imagination

20ips Processing speed with DC servo motor to boost productivity while maintaining precision.


Live CCD Camera Preview

E200's on board camera allows you to preview your design to make positioning simple and easy.


7” Large Touch Panel

With colorful intuitive 7” touchscreen interface, E200 desktop laser engraver can bring your inspiration to life.


Standard Water Chiller Allows For High Production

E200 desktop laser engraver comes with a standard water chiller to ensure machine efficiency.

Optional Items

Rotary Attachment

- engrave on cylindrical or spherical objects.

- allows for a fourth axis which rotate the object 360° to allow for engraving on cups, wine glasses, and even spherical objects.

- max. diameter and length: 250mm

- max. weight: 3kg


Purex Fume Extraction System


designed to remove the hazardous fumes and dusts during laser processing to protect the health of operators, eliminate environmental pollution and enhance the laser cutting.

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