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CUBICON Style NEO A22C, 3D printer, STEM

High quality 3D printer

Style NEO - A22C

Cubicon Style printers belong to the 3D business unit of HyVISION SYSTEM. HyVISION SYSTEM is a large-scale listed company in South Korea. The CUBICON Style NEO-A22C launched this time has increased the printing area and the working space is enough to print large models at one go. It is specially developed for offices, schools, and home users. It is hoped that the process of printing the model will be as automated, high-performance and easy to operate as possible

  • Full Auto Leveling Plus

  • Triple Clean Filter

  • Replaceable Extruder & Nozzle

  • Filament Auto Loading device

  • Power Outage Compensation System

  • Built-in Camera

  • Filament NFC System

  • No need to use any tape or glue to fix or scrape off the finished work

  • 7-inch touch screen, touch operation, easy to use

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