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Large Format Case Maker


Versatile applications:

  • Hard covers for books

  • Hard covers for photobooks

  • CD/DVD/Blu-ray cases

  • Ring binders

  • Hard covers for punch & bind


​With the large format Fastbind Casematic H46 Pro™, you can produce professional tailor-made cases in the format of your choice, from miniature to oversize. Design the cover of your dreams and print it on your digital printer (laser or inkjet). Then, just follow the easy steps on your Casematic H46 Pro to produce the actual case or cover in under one minute. Simple, silent, hassle-free with no set-up time between format and no production stops. It is the most cost-effective way to produce hard covers on-demand or for small series.

h46pro-Registration marks.jpg

Registration marks for thicker and thinner materials offer you more versatility in applications.

h46pro-quick-change spacers.jpg

The quick-change spacers make it easier than ever to adjust the gap between the cover boards and the spine stick.

h46pro-edge folding unit.jpg

The integrated edge folding unit is adjustable for different cover board thicknesses.

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