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Desktop CNC Machine


Auto Tool Changing + Built-in dust collection

  • Automatic tool changing and automatic probing

  • Built-in dust collection 

  • Configure laser engraving

  • Optional 4th axis module

  • Working area: 360X240X140mm


Auto Tool Changing & Auto Probing

Without the automatic functions, you need to manually change every tool during every job and manually do the probing work, which is very tedious and time-consuming when milling PCB or other complex objects.
Whether you are doing auto-leveling, cutting, cleaning, drilling, or carving, Cavera can automatically change the right tool for the right job seamlessly, making sure you get the best result. Just focus on your design, let Carvera do the rest.


Built-in dust collection

Normally, desktop CNC machines are not equipped with dust collection functions because of the size and limited space.
Through a very innovative way, we completely built the dust collection system inside the machine, let your projects start clean and finish clean.


Integrated laser module

Laser engraving is a unique and amazing technology that lets you leave your mark and draw beautiful patterns on your product.
With the integrated 2.5W diode laser module, you can seamlessly switch between CNC and Laser functions and engrave a wide variety of materials including paper, wood, plastic, leather, fabric, etc.

K1-Dual Fans.jpg

Optional 4th axis module

One more axis, much more possibilities, with the 4th axis module, you can machine cylindrical items, double sided objects, and 3D shapes.
Carvera provides you with truly 4th axis simultaneous machining, you can make real 3D stereo models which can only be made by 3D printers. Here, you are not limited by materials, plastic, wood, even metal, you can make beautiful yet realistic crafts.


Endless Possibilities

Carvera is a real game-changer for making PCBs at home, and cutting out the wait time for PCBs to be made at a fab house. You just drop the PCB path file into the machine, and with the auto tool changing and auto-leveling, you've never been able to get PCBs this fast.
The dedicated solder mask removing tool and laser module for silk screen engraving is very handy for later solder work.
With Carvera, you can design, make, test and iterate at revolutionary speed, shortening your time to market and lowering the cost considerably.


Work area (3 axis):360 mm(X) * 240 mm(Y) * 140 mm(Z)
Work area (4 axis):92 mm (Diameter) * 240 mm (Length)
Deminsion:580 mm(W) * 520 mm(D) * 540 mm(H) / Lid open:840 mm
Weight:50 kg
Spindle Speed:0 - 15000 RPM(with closed-loop control)
Spindle Power:200 Watt
Tool library size:6
Motors: Servo motors for X/Y/Z axis, Nema17 stepper motor for A axis
Spindle runout:<0.01 mm
Motor resolution:<0.05 mm
Machining accuracy:<0.005 mm
Materials(CNC):Wood, Plastic, Composite materials, Non-Ferrous metals, 
Laser engrave materials:Wood, plastic, fabric, leather, cardboard, etc
Laser Engraver:445nm 2.5 Watt semiconductor diode laser
Dust Control:0.8L Integrated dust collection system 
Power:100-120VDC / 200-240VAC @ 50/60Hz
Controller OS:Android、IOS、Windows、Mac、Linux

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