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3D Scanner

​Calibry Mini

Calibry is a lightweight handheld 3D scanner for scanning medium and large objects (length from 2 cm to 30cm). It provides high-quality 3D scan data for educators, engineers, and medical professionals. 

Calibry handheld 3D scanner has a resolution of 0.15 mm and a built-in texture camera that can collect up to 3 million points per second. It can ensure that users quickly and accurately scan to obtain data.


5 advantages of Calibry handheld 3D scanner

  • Powerful scanning function

Sharp edges, black shiny objects, even fur, hair and other difficult-to-scan objects are not a problem.

  • Quick capture

30 frames per second, up to 3M points per second

  • 3 tracking modes

Geometry, textures, marking points

  • Built-in touch screen

You can directly view the scanned content without a computer screen

  • Lightweight and portable

The weight is 900 grams, it is convenient to carry around, and you can quickly scan at any time.

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