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Full Color 3D Printer

PartPro200 xTCS

The da Vinci Color is the world's first FFF full-color 3D printer which utilizes CMYK inkjet technology to produce quality full-color 3D prints.


Auto Leveling & Calibrate System

Fully automatic print-bed leveling detection with calibration

Laser Engraver Module (Optional)

Affordable design and optimized engraving areas

EZ Removable Print Bed

EZ-Removable magnet print-bed and film make the 3D printed objects adhere better

Most Cert. Pass for Safe Use

PartPro200 xTCS is designed and built
for safe use always

Complete Full Color Printing

3DColorJet® technology delivers full range colors on each color prints

High Performance Air Filter

Safe and all-around filter reduce VOCs and

keep well indoor air

Excellent AiO 3D Scan

Scan volume 140x 140 mm (5.9x5.9 inch, Diameter x H )
allow more ideas without limitations

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