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SLA 3D Printer

Nobel 1.0 A

Exquisite Details, Stunning Finish

Make your project stand out with the Nobel 1.0 A, an highly-accurate stereolithography (SL) 3D printer designed for extremely high-resolution 3D printing.

UV Curing Chamber.jpg



It’s all in the Details

The Nobel 1.0 A’s high-end laser scanning system gives you the ability to reproduce the finest of details from your digital designs. With a resolution of 25 microns, print complicated designs easily, with little or no post processing required.

Keep on Printing on

The unique design of the Nobel 1.0 A automatically detects how much resin is in the tank and adds it to the print so you don’t need to change touch anything while printing.

Click and Print

All resins have been painstakingly tested internally and the settings predefined in XYZware_Nobel so all you have to do is load your model and click print. The software’s powerful algorithm will even calculate the supports you need for overhanging areas and add them to your model.

Innovative Material Selection

Print from a wide range of resin materials. Whether your casting, or creating tough prototypes, or need flexible parts, we have the materials to suit your application.

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